Hour 16: Practicing Stalls

Yesterday I practiced power-off and power-on stalls with my flight instructor in our practice area. I captured the entire flight with my GoPro camera. I’m finding this to be very useful in my training. Since I can’t take notes while we’re in the middle of a maneuver, capturing it all on video gives me the benefit of reviewing what my CFI covered, as well as recalling my reactions, movements and performance during the lesson and then writing down what I can do for improvement.  Having the video also gives me more input for my “armchair flights”.

Here is an edited down version of my stalls yesterday. The ATC and intercom chatter is edited down considerably, mostly for brevity’s sake, but I thought this would give an opportunity for folks to see what a Joe-Schmoe like myself can do with a stalled airplane. 

I’m looking forward to practicing stalls again because I feel like we made some really good progress yesterday.



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