Video: Unusual Attitudes.

I recently had the pleasure of flying with a different flight instructor from the flight school, who is also a very good friend and an excellent pilot. I really hit the jackpot when I signed up with Galaxy Aviation at KRME, both of the instructors that I have flown with have been a natural fit for my learning style. I feel very comfortable with both of them.

As I work my way towards my upcoming checkride, Russ and I reviewed “Unusual Attitudes”, which is part of the Foggles or Hood work, which simulates Instrument Meteorological Conditions. I find Unusual Attitudes to be a fun challenge and after reviewing the procedure during our first run at the maneuver, I felt good about my progress during this lesson.

As I work my way through all of this older video I have to edit, it’s amazing to see how much my confidence has grown and how far I’ve come along with my training. Flying is so awesome.


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