Flying Solo. Talking To Myself.

I’ve decided to get back into the blogging and making video game for my aviation activities. The ground comes at you fast when you pull the engine, that’s why you push the throttle back in. Life works the same way.

I am recovering from recent surgery and last week I asked my doctor if it was good for me to start flying again. After being on the ground for a month, and interrupting my IFR training in the process, I really wanted to get in the air. I kinda like flying.

I was originally going to go up with a fellow owner/pilot in the club who just got his commercial multi-engine rating to act as safety pilot. He had a last minute change of plans, so I went up solo. One of my personal minimums, at least at this stage of the game, is that if I haven’t flown in over a month, I go up with a safety pilot or solo to make sure I’m feeling good. I’m not worried that I don’t remember how to fly the airplane, I’m more concerned about making sure I’m not distracted by worrying about non-pilot passengers as well.

So I went up for a solo flight in the general area, skirting around some very light “green stuff” on the Garmin 530W weather display and on Foreflight, data courtesy of our ADS-B receiver.  The flight was very enjoyable and I was having fun just doing a little site seeing.

Looking back at the video I realized how much I talk to myself, mostly in a very humorous way, when I’m flying solo. I edited the flight video down to all these comments.

So here I am, talking to myself, having fun and sounding a little foolish at 3000 feet.


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